February 21, 2012

Diary of a taxman

Is there really no more interesting way to start this entry other than the pathetic refrain of “Dear diary “? I suppose my preference would be to boldly go where no tax advisor has gone before with “Captain’s Log 20 February 2012”, but then again I could never get past the schoolboy humour attached to this introduction and I could really do without any further problems with the Advertising Standard Authority. They never really understood the marketing philosophy behind my proposal to buy advertising space on the kit of the UK Olympic women’s beach volleyball team and despite what they say, with careful arrangement of the words it is possible to fit Davis Burton Sellek on a bikini! Still best not to antagonise them!

 Anyway where are we? Oh yes, January’s finished, the Tax Returns are all in and the scars on my back are healing over quite nicely.  My public where very kind to me this year and lavished their attention on me throughout the whole month.

Once the accounts team are released from rehab I’m really looking forward to pushing on with some of the more interesting project work that’s on my desk at the moment. I’m making some serious headway with the Rt Hon Mr Salmond’s R&D claim for tartan paint and I’m feeling quietly confident that my application to edit the economics page of the Sunday Sun will be looked upon favourably.

I’m not quite so sure of my chances of success as concerns attracting inward investment into the latest issue of Busby Bonds but the ECB seem quite flush with cash at the moment so I’m not giving up just yet.

Anyway time to be getting back to some proper work, nose to the tombstone and all that!!

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