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Overseas companies setting up UK Subsidiaries

Many international companies choose to set up branches or subsidiaries in the UK. Entering the UK for the first time can be daunting for an overseas business as it gets to grips with the UK tax and accounting systems. With an increasing amount of resources spent by the authorities on tackling fraud and money laundering issues, the process seems to be held up even further.

An overseas company looking to trade in the UK can experience many of the difficulties of a UK business start-up aside from the usual regulatory, tax and accounting differences. However, rarely is it worth directors of an international company familiarising themselves with the UK’s tax and accounting system.

Davis Burton Sellek UK Chartered Accountants Sunningdale Ascot are established specialists in inward investment. With over 20 years’ experience under our belt we help overseas companies be UK compliant from day one. We’ll help you avoid some of the teething problems associated with new UK start-ups so you can start trading at the earliest opportunity. No need for international company directors to waste valuable time and money familiarising themselves with the workings of the UK tax and accounting system, leave it to us.

Not only will we provide audit and corporation tax services in common with UK companies, we can also help establish management systems to enable the head office to track and maintain financial controls.

We provide practical and comprehensive advice for those making inward investment to the UK with particular expertise in the Construction, Shipping and Technology sectors. We currently assist sizeable construction companies from all over Europe including Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands with setting up UK subsidiaries and branches and then deal with all the UK compliance issues arising. We act for a number of Turkish and Indian shipping corporates trading in the UK and overseas, as well as US technology groups seeking to expand their businesses by opening UK subsidiaries and branches. We work closely with an extensive network of fellow overseas advisers to provide the best possible solutions for our mutual clients.

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